Saving Lives - The Work of SAFE Perth

In regional areas of Western Australia, council pounds shoot with rifles dogs who aren’t collected from the pound. Dozens of SAFE Perth volunteers make hundreds of road trips each year to save these little lives.

This video shows just one of those trips.


How can I help?



SAFE Perth needs ongoing community support to be able to continue to save, transport and rehabilitate these dogs. A donation of just $20 a month will help us keep our services running.

Please click here to make a regular gift to saving these little lives.



All SAFE Perth pets live with foster families in their homes until they are adopted. The more people willing to open their hearts and homes to pets who just need somewhere to stay, the more dogs who can be saved from a terrible fate at the local pound.

Please click here to find out more about fostering dogs.



Every dog who is adopted through SAFE Perth’s programs is two lives saved! First, the dog you bring into your family, and the second through the creation of vacancy in a foster carer’s home.

Please click here to see SAFE Perth dogs available for adoption.