Little Wyatt's second chance

Some puppies are just so special that they touch the heart of everyone they meet. Wyatt is that puppy.

A litter of three puppies came from a country farm into SAFE Perth’s care last year. Of the three Wyatt is the smallest puppy, but he is tenacious and determined.

He tries with all his might to keep up with his larger siblings, but his carer Catherine suspects something is not right with his health.

“When you touch his back you can feel his heart pounding,” says Catherine.

“Even when he isn’t really running around.”

Catherine takes Wyatt to SAFE Perth’s veterinarian. Sadly, the news is dire.

Wyatt has a serious heart defect, described as Severe Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation (TVR).

TVR is a disorder where one of Wyatt’s heart valves doesn’t close tightly enough. Blood flows backwards causing circulation issues and Wyatt fatigues easily. Sadly, it has also likely shortened his lifespan.

So while Wyatt’s brothers grew strong and ready for adoption, little Wyatt is left behind.

“We started Wyatt on regular ultrasounds and medication. I am happy to have him stay with me for as long as it takes to get him well,” says Catherine.

“I adore Wyatt want him to get the best care and happiest life I can give him.”

After a few months Wyatt is no longer a pup but a clever, handsome and loving young dog.

He loves playing with his foster brother Atticus, a golden retriever x. They like playing ‘bitey face’ and wrestling and chasing in the backyard.

He adores his cat brother Nocello. He also loves to eat cat poop every chance he gets!

Catherine takes Wyatt to the beach to run and run and run. He likes to give tiny, smooches kisses on Catherine’s cheek. And he likes to hang on the couch.

He’s captured the hearts of all of the SAFE Perth team. Everyone loves his cheeky face. But poor Wyatt just doesn’t seem to be able to catch a break.

~ ~ ~

Wyatt is limping on his back legs. It seems to be getting worse as he’s gotten bigger. Again, his carer Catherine becomes worried and take him to the vet.

More bad news. Wyatt has hip dysplasia in both his back legs. He needs hip surgery.

If Wyatt is to be a normal dog with a good quality of life, he needs a ‘femoral head and neck excision’ on both of his hips.

At the time of this story going to print, Wyatt has been booked in for his first surgery.

After this initial surgery and after six-weeks recovery, poor Wyatt has to go back into surgery and have his second hip operated on. The treatment is intensive, while the recovery is an enormous amount of work and physiotherapy for Wyatt, with Catherine’s unwavering support.

But the future of Wyatt is worth it

“Fostering Wyatt is the best decision I ever made. Even though we have an extremely tough few months ahead, I’m so glad SAFE Perth hasn’t given up on his future. We’re going to get through this and he will be a happy, healthy boy with hopefully a long life ahead of him,” says Catherine.

Wyatt’s surgery is radical and therefore extremely expensive. Conservatively $6,000.

He will also need ongoing rehabilitation, medication, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, which is likely to be $1,500 or more.

Right now, Wyatt is a poor, sick little boy who really needs your help.

Despite his illness, Wyatt has a bright future thanks to the love and care he is receiving. But SAFE Perth can only keep taking medically challenging cases like Wyatt with your support.

Please help Wyatt by donating now.

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