The enormous life of Biggie Smalls


Biggie Smalls is one of the smallest dogs to ever come into the care of SAFE Perth.

Unfortunately, when he arrived he was also terribly unwell. Says his carer Grace,

“Biggie wasn’t doing too well. He had what's called hydrocephalus which is essentially fluid on the brain. Pressure was building up in his tiny skull, interfering with his motor function. He was also having issues with his breathing. He was sleeping almost constantly.”

Along with his life-threatening brain issues, he also had pneumonia. There were concerns there were problems with his liver. He was no longer eating or drinking and he was hypoglycaemic.

“All of these things are mostly caused by his genetics,” says Grace. “A terrible reality of these ‘teacup’ breeds is so much is being crammed into such tiny bodies that their organs cannot cope & they essentially just shut down.”

Biggie Smalls was a very sad and sick little boy. He was so tiny they couldnt get an IV into his normal veins so had to go in his jugular at specialist vets. He was given around the clock, comprehensive care; oxygen, fluids, glucose and IV antibiotics. 

While they only had known him a short time, Biggie had captured the hearts of the SAFE Perth team. They waited for updates from Grace who was at the vet by Biggie's side for hours.

“SAFE Perth did everything they could to fight the life of Biggie. His prognosis was poor, but this little man had brought so much joy to everyone in his short life, they weren’t prepared to give up on him.”

After a stay at the emergency vet, Biggie Smalls was able to be release back into the arms of a grateful Grace.

“Biggie was home from the emergency vet, but he was not out of the woods by any stretch. He still needed intensive care, but he was starting to show small, positive improvements. Even starting to eat a little.”

Fast forward to today - three weeks after nearly losing Biggie to his serious health issues - Biggie is feeling a whole lot spunkier.

“Biggie is such a hoot running around with the bigger dogs, owning the place and strutting his stuff. I could cuddle him all day!” says Grace.

“Biggie is so lucky to have found SAFE Perth and to have been given all he needed to be made well. We saw the very best vets and I know it was the quality of the care that meant the difference between life and death.”

Biggie is feeling a lot better since his hospitalisation & is gaining weight nicely. SAFE Perth believes this brave little boy deserves a happy future.

The expense of treating a case like Biggie Smalls has eaten a significant hole into SAFE Perth’s veterinary funds. Please consider becoming a monthly donor as only through your ongoing support can we continue to take special needs cases like Biggie Small.