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Meowvember was started up in 2011 by Perth writer and artist Kate-Anna St Valentine, a mega-talented, tattooed, vegan, animal-loving, supremo babe with a huge heart and a life-force you'd never forget. Meowvember, for Kate-Anna, took the place of Movember but for a cause that was close to her heart – abandoned animals in need of help.

The concept was simple: dress in cat related clothes and goodies every day for a month to raise money for the amazing Western Australian charity S.A.F.E Perth. S.A.F.E is staffed entirely by volunteers, and stands for ‘Saving Animals From Euthanasia’. The work of this group is not just focused around cats, despite the name of the fundraiser. They do not discriminate against the kinds of animals they provide shelter, food, de-sexing and microchipping, rehabilitation and rehoming to. The month of November falls in between spring and Christmas – the two seasons notorious for animals being over-bred or abandoned.

Sadly Kate-Anna passed away in January 2015. This year, Miko Katze (Bigtime Cat Lady), and SJ Finch (Cat Poet) are going to continue Meowvember 2015 in memory of their dear friend. Everyday the two pals will blog about their feline adventures for you to peruse on this blog:

In 2012 Kate-anna St Valentine and Miko Katze were able to raise over $1500 for Meowvember, which roughly equates to the cost of 15 animals being de-sexed in preparation for re-homing. This year Miko and SJ hope to match this amount. Every person that donates will get put in the draw to win exciting prizes. Art donated by talented local artists Kate Greenaway, Eeva Margita, Chiara Hunwick, Danni McGrath and Anna Dunnill. Vegan beauty and health products from Ruck Rover and Aesop and many many many cute cat things. Get involved and help spread the love this season. Any questions about Meowvember can be directed to Miko Katze on 0432857672, or at