Superstar Sarge is a heavyweight love

Pet lovers fooled into buying miniature pig newspaper headline

Sarge was supposed to stay a tiny house-pig...

Like many pig owners before them, Sarge’s owners bought him believing he was a special breed designed for suburbia. They had thought that he would be able to spend his entire life indoors like a dog or cat. But, there is no such thing as a ‘miniature’ pig in Australia - Sarge is definitely evidence of that!

Sarge is a big porker

This portly porker was soon heavier than a golden retriever and stronger than most adults. While he is still sweet and lovable, in just a few short months he outgrew his owner’s house and was destined for homelessness… or worse.

Luckily for Sarge, SAFE Perth had designed some new accommodation for homeless farm animals. These premium pens have rolling grass, swimming pools and all-you-can-eat fresh fruit and veggies. All Sarge had to do was get from Karratha to Perth.

Travelling in a large crate (because a small crate simply wasn’t big enough for this so-called miniature pet!), Sarge joined a the rest of the pets in cargo flying to a new life. When he arrived at Perth airport he was safe, thanks to SAFE Perth and their dedicated transport volunteers.

Sarge the pig leash walking

Sarge is now a the star of the new SAFE Perth video, advocating for compassion for all pets who lose their homes through no fault of their own. Big or small - cuddly or hairy - house pet or farm animal who needs a second chance - SAFE Perth is the safety net to them all.

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