Baby Tanzie takes first steps to recovery

Baby Tanzie

Baby Tanzie takes a flight from Broome to SAFE Perth, to get the care and love she desperately needs to have a chance at a happy future.

Baby Tanzie was suffering. Her skin was raw and itchy. The paws of her feet, ears and eyelids were swollen and hot. Her soft, blonde coat had all but disappeared. Depressed and uncomfortable, she needed intensive care to beat the infection ravaging her tiny body.

SAFE Perth booked Baby Tanzie on the first available flight from Broome to Perth, determined to see her brought back to health and happiness as soon as possible.

Baby Tanzie has a bath

Baby Tanzie was prescribed an antibiotic and weekly injections to heal her skin. Foster carer Amanda soon began the careful job of giving Baby Tanzie a soothing bath and regular coconut oil massages, along with a premium diet to help build her strength.

Baby Tanzie has a long road of treatment and rehabilitation before she is recovered enough to find her forever family, however she is feeling much better after just two weeks in SAFE Perth’s care. Her cheeky personality is beginning to shine, and she gives huge puppy smiles to everyone she meets.

Baby Tanzie recovering

Despite her illness, Baby Tanzie has a bright future thanks to the love and care she is receiving. But SAFE Perth can only keep taking medically challenging cases like Baby Tanzie with your support. Please click here to start your monthly donation to saving baby pets.


Baby Tanzie Update 3rd Jan