Puppy rescues hit record numbers

It took two volunteers and full day’s driving, but for pregnant mumma dog Cassie, and her precious puppy load, life is now warm and safe.

And the same goes for more than 50 other pups rescued and taken in this month by SAFE Perth puppy foster carers.

Volunteer carer Natalie, who is taking care of Cassie and her brand new litter of ten pups says, "there are a lot of puppies coming in right now. We have multiple litters, all at different stages and ages, and all needing around-the-clock care."

Lots of puppies means one thing for certain. Lots of puppy poop!

"I start cleaning when the puppies first wake up,” says Natalie. "Then Cassie and the puppies get breakfast. I get the kids ready and off to school, then Cassie has her mid-morning snack. She has 4 meals a day - it takes a lot of food to make milk for ten puppies!"

"More bedding changes throughout the day. When the kids get home, they help out too. More cleaning before bedtime. It feels like there is no point in my day when I’m not cleaning up puppy do-do."

Messy habits aside, Natalie says the pups are truly loveable and the effort to care for them is all worth it.

"They are so cute and just so tiny you can’t help but fall in love on sight," says Natalie.

"As they get bigger each one has his own personality. Some are cuddly and quiet, others are the life of the party," Natalie laughs.

Natalie says she and her family are going to miss the pups when they’re gone, but she knows there’s always another litter ready to come in.

"Being a puppy carer is hard work, but I feel lucky - I get puppy kisses all day long."

Dozens of puppies coming in each week is a lot of mouths to feed. Please help SAFE Perth keep helping puppies by becoming a regular supporter. Click here to sign up to make a monthly donation.