The awesome transformation of Kyra

In February, when Kyra arrived at SAFE Perth it was a heartbreaking sight. She’d been living with ticks and mange and had lost nearly all of her hair. Her skin was itchy and since she hadn’t received the veterinary care she needed so badly, she wasn’t feeling well at all.

Kyra starts treatment

But despite her challenges, Kyra was still a volunteer favourite. She is one of the brightest, sweetest most loving dogs around.

Kyra in recovery

With the help of weekly injections, good food and coconut oil massages, Kyra began to feel much better. SAFE Perth volunteer carer Sonia gave her all the love and security she needed to heal, and nursed her back to health and happiness.

What a difference a few months make! The vast improvement in her physical health saw Kyra transformed and ready to join her forever family.

Kyra All Better

Kyra’s chocolate coat had grown back and her itchy skin was gone. She was shiny and happy and ready for her new life. A local lady named Shelley had been watching the story of Kyra unfold on Facebook and was first to apply when she was cleared for adoption.

“Kyra has settled into the family really well and we love her. We’ve had her about six-months and still just a big pup. She’s beautiful. We’ve got kids and she gets on with everyone at home. She’s an awesome dog."

Kyra’s rehabilitation will continue throughout her life and with the love of Shelley and the support of SAFE Perth, Kyra now has a very bright future ahead of her.

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